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About modular water tanks

PIPECO TANKS is a high quality product with exceptional service to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Modular design of the sectional panels allows for a variety of possible tank configurations to fit in almost any required/available space.

Specifications of modular panels

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Tank panels are mild steel panels fabricated under hydraulic pressure to create 45 and 90 degree flanges. Standard panels have nominal external dimensions of 1220mm x 1220mm and is also available in 1000mm x1000mm with various thickness. Standard base and side panel thickness’s produced are 6mm, 4.5mm, 3mm and roof panels of 1.5mm Uniformity of panels allows ease and speed of erection, reducing construction and installation time and cost.

Our Business Strategy

All commissioned tanks will be free of leaks and will conform to SABS 10329 and Fire protection tanks to ASIB requirements

Tank Designs : Tanks to be manufactured and installed as per designs provided by customers. To assist customer unfamiliar with tank designs we will provide basic drawing for the required volume tank. After consultation with customers the elevations for the connections to be added to drawing with the flange or socket type required .

Our policy of customer needs and requirements is always a priority. Our stock availability ensures that orders can be delivered at any time. There is a lead time on custom designed tank connections.

Some Installations